Key messages

  • There are minimum requirements for service reports.
  • You should list the desired or sarge range tor each parameter as part of the result.

At a minimum, the written service report should include the following components:

  • Date of service or inspection.
  • Identification of the cooling tower system.
  • Identification of particular towers.
  • Name of the person and organisation conducting the inspection or service.
  • Type, make and model of the cooling tower(s).
  • Water storage volumes for dosing calculations.
  • Details of the inspection – for example, what was the purpose and scope?
  • Details of any actions, such as:
    • any chemicals added and their volumes
    • whether the bleed-off rate was checked
    • whether the tower(s) were cleaned
    • whether the cooling tower water was tested for chemical levels, and the results for key parameters such as pH
    • whether the cooling tower water was tested for bacteria – What tests were requested? What is the name of the laboratory? What were the results?

It is advisable for the desired or target range for each parameter to be listed as part of the result, and a statement (with comments, if required) provided of whether the test result was within the range.

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