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  1. Community health

    Information about Victoria’s community health services, including registration and governance, the Community Health Program, demand management, service improvement and services targeted at population...

    • community health
  2. Communication

    Good communication skills are essential to delivering person-centred care...

  3. Community Health Program

    Community Health Program

    The Community Health Program provides over one million hours of allied health, counselling and nursing services to the Victorian community...

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  4. Demand management

    Community health services can use priority tools to manage demand for services at the inflow stage...

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    • priority tool
  5. Further information - communication

    Educational and information resources available on improving our communication with older people in hospital...

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    • Doctors,
    • Nurses
  6. Community factsheets - Bushfires

    The following resources have been developed to assist communities in the event or aftermath of a fire. You can request printed copies of the smoke community resources through the online order form...

    • emergency management,
    • care and recovery - emergency,
    • emergency response,
    • natural disasters,
    • planning and preparedness - emergency
  7. Primary & community health

    Primary healthcare refers to a broad range of health services most often delivered in community-based settings...

  8. Communication

    Patients in a mental health service have the right to communicate lawfully...

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  9. Environmental health in the community

    Community-wide environmental health hazards include mercury in fish, contaminated land and noise. Disease clusters can also be of concern...

    • health hazards
  10. Community groups and food fundraisers

    Information for community groups, not for profit organisations or individuals planning to sell food to raise funds for charity...