The Victorian health services performance monitoring framework 2018-19 outlines the Government’s approach to overseeing the performance of Victorian health services.

The approach encourages early identification of performance issues before they become performance failures and introduces a more robust and transparent information exchange between the Department of Health and Human Services, health services and other entities to support improvement at the service level and across the health sector.

The framework was extensively revised and updated in 2017 to take account of the findings from the Review of Hospital Safety and Quality Assurance in Victoria (the Targeting Zero review) and to reflect the roles of the then newly established Safer Care Victoria (SCV) and the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI). The 2018–19 framework builds on this foundation and includes a variety of changes to strengthen and improve the monitoring of health service performance in Victoria. 

The Department of Health and Human Services will continue to lead the implementation of the framework in collaboration with health services and other agencies, in particular SCV and the VAHI. The department will call on SCV and VAHI as key partners to manage and improve sector-wide performance.

Changes for 2018-19

The overall structure of the framework remains unchanged and builds on the significant modifications made in 2017. It retains the emphasis on four domains of performance: high quality and safe care; strong governance, leadership and culture; timely access to care; and effective financial management.

There are a number of new indicators, and additional sources of information are being included to strengthen and broaden the foundation used to assess the performance of health services.

We have learned from the experience of implementing the new framework in 2017–18, leading to improvements in the process and greater clarity about the roles and responsibilities of health services, the department, SCV and VAHI.