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A health advisory is less urgent than an alert and provides advice to the health sector and Victorian public.

Current health advisories

19 October 2020 - Investigation into use of blood glucose monitoring devices in COVID-19 accommodation

24 September 2020 - TGA safety warning for Zostavax® vaccine in immunocompromised patients

22 September 2020 - Ayurvedic medicine and heavy metal contamination

7 August 2020 - Avian influenza detected in Victorian poultry (update to Advisory issued 18 August 2020)

22 May 2020 - Hepatitis A outbreak (update to Advisory issued 22 May 2020)

22 July 2020 - Congenital Syphilis in Victoria

26 June 2020 - Gastroenteritis related to back yard chickens

15 May 2020 - Carbon monoxide and gas heater safety

12 May 2020 - Poisonous mushrooms growing in Melbourne

24 January 2020 - Health concerns related to Victorian bushfires (update to Advisory issued 17 January 2020)

31 October 2019 - Possible new transmission areas for Buruli ulcer in Victoria

13 September 2019 - E-cigarettes linked to severe lung illness

22 August 2019 - Novel Human Parechovirus (HPeV) Strain in Victoria

12 April 2019 - Shigellosis – management recommendations updated

25 March 2019 - Update: Syphilis cases continue to rise in Victoria

31 October 2018 - Hospitals required to notify anaphylaxis presentations

27 September 2018 - Update: Viral hepatitis training for Alcohol and Other Drug and Opioid Substitution Therapy workforces

9 August 2018 - Syphilis cases continue to rise in Victoria in both men and women

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Heat health alerts

Current status: There are no heat events in effect in Victoria.

A heat health alert is issued when forecast heatwave conditions are likely to impact human health.

Environmental health - Heat health alert status

Heat Health Surveillance System report

Better Health Channel - Survive the Heat

Food recalls 

The department regulates food safety in Victoria, in partnership with  and local government and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

FSANZ food recalls

FSANZ media releases

Pills of various sizes, shapes and colours

Therapeutic goods recalls

Information from the Therapeutic Goods Administration about recalls of therapeutic goods already supplied in the market for which there are issues relating to safety, quality, efficacy (performance) or presentation.

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