Diagnostic, therapeutic, industrial and other uses of radiation have contributed to the safety and quality of life for all Victorians. However, the use of radiation does involve hazards if it is used inappropriately or unnecessarily.

The department regulates the use of radiation to protect people and the environment from its harmful effects by licensing users of radiation sources and managers of radiation practices under the Radiation Act 2005. A radiation practice can include the possession, transport, disposal or sale of radiation sources.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) develops codes, standards, guides and provide advice to support radiation protection and nuclear safety throughout Australia.

Radiation news

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Stakeholder consultations on Guide for Classification of Radioactive Waste (RPS G-4)

ARPANSA invites stakeholders to submit written comments on the Guide for Classification of Radioactive Waste RPS G-4 (amended RPS 20). 

The proposed revisions of RPS 20 ensures that:

  • The classification of radioactive waste is consistent with international standard and the boundaries between different classes of wastes are clearly identified
  •  RPS 20 is consistent with the IAEA General Safety Guide: Classification of Radioactive Waste GSG-1 (IAEA 2009).

Submissions on the Guide for Classification of Radioactive Waste RPS G-4 close 5pm 14 February 2020.

Implementation of new licensing portal

Our new licensing self-service portal  is now live. Initially, it will only be used for use licences, approved testers and approved assessors but over the coming months we will migrate management licences onto the new system.

Use licence holders, approved testers and approved assessors will be sent an email inviting them to register on the system. Once registered, the system will verify your details and you will then be able to:

  • Download a copy of your licence
  • Apply for variations to an existing licence or approval
  • Make credit card payments
  • Update your contact details

Please note: If you receive hard copy licence correspondence please email us with a current email address. We will use this address to invite you to register for the new licensing portal.

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