Diagnostic, therapeutic, industrial and other uses of radiation have contributed to the safety and quality of life for all Victorians. However, the use of radiation does involve hazards if it is used inappropriately or unnecessarily.

The department regulates the use of radiation to protect people and the environment from its harmful effects by licensing users of radiation sources and managers of radiation practices under the Radiation Act 2005. A radiation practice can include the possession, transport, disposal or sale of radiation sources.

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To help us improve our services and streamline licence processing times, we are going 'paperless'.

From 1 January 2017 all correspondence relating to your licence, including invoices and important legislative updates, will be sent via email.

Please ensure that the details held in relation to your licence are up to date by sending an email containing your name and licence number from your preferred email account to radiation.safety@dhhs.vic.gov.au. You will receive an email from us in return, confirming that your details have been amended.