Key messages

  • Survivorship care describes the phase of care immediately following primary cancer treatment.
  • The Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program (VCSP) has been trialling collaborative models of care across acute, primary and community care sectors since 2011.
  • The development and rollout of survivorship care models is part of the ongoing cancer reform agenda.

Announcement of the Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program Phase II 2018 Type 1 Capacity Building Grant funding round

A further round of Type 1 Capacity Building Grants is now open to build on the significant developments already achieved in cancer survivorship care.

Grant round opens Tuesday 12 December 2017
Applications close at 2pm Tuesday 13 February 2018

Survivorship care

Survivorship care as defined by the Institute of Medicine (USA), is the phase of care that follows primary treatment for cancer. Survivorship care is a complex area that encompasses:

  • transitioning patients from active treatment
  • providing support for rehabilitation and return to work
  • planning for disease-specific and treatment-related follow-up/usual activities
  • providing psychosocial and community-based support.

Collaborative models of care

The Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program (VCSP) was established in 2011 to help develop innovative models of follow-up care and to address the needs of survivors following treatment. In its first phase (2011–14) the focus of the VCSP was on trialling collaborative models of care across acute and primary and community care sectors. Six pilot projects were funded and evaluated for effectiveness, acceptability, sustainability and transferability. The VCSP pilot projects sought to improve our understanding of the specific survivorship care needs of different groups, develop resources tailored to survivors’ and health professionals’ needs and inform future survivorship care in Victoria.

From 2015, three of the pilot projects have been supporting a select number of cancer services across Victoria to implement their models of care.

Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program Phase II Grants Scheme

In January 2016, the department opened Phase II of the Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program Grants Scheme, with the intention of providing time-limited, non-recurrent grants for the development, implementation and evaluation of survivorship models.

Three types of grants were available, and the sector response for all three was strong. Thirteen proposals were funded under the grants scheme:

  • Four under Grant Type 1
  • Two under Grant Type 2
  • Seven under Grant Type 3

A further funding round was opened in December 2016 for the 2017 Type 1 Capacity Building Grants. Six proposals were supported through this additional funding round. The funded projects cover a range of tumour types, innovative models of care and are delivered across both metropolitan and regional health services, including community care. Details of all previously funded projects may be found in the documents below.

In addition, the department has funded the development of an evaluation and outcomes framework (available below) to guide both individual project process and impact evaluations, as well as to ensure that the department can evaluate the impact and outcomes of the grants scheme as a whole.

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