Key messages

  • The Government released the Victorian cancer plan 2016 -2020 in July 2016, providing a framework to improve cancer outcomes for all Victorians.
  • The Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014, requires the preparation of a cancer plan every four years.
  • The Victorian cancer plan 2020-2024 will be released in mid-2020.

Improving cancer outcomes for all Victorians

The Victorian cancer plan 2020-2024

The Victorian cancer plan 2020-2024 will identify priorities to prevent cancer, increase survival, improve the experience of the cancer treatment and care system, and achieve equitable outcomes for all Victorians.

The Department of Health and Human Services undertook public consultation to inform development of the Victorian cancer plan 2020-2024 through a series of facilitated workshops and online consultation via the Engage Victoria platform.

The face-to-face workshops, online consultation and email submissions have generated a wealth of useful feedback.

Below are some general themes that have emerged:

  • A call for increased focus on improving equity of access to services and reducing unwarranted disparities in cancer outcomes, recognising the specific needs of priority populations and cancer types.
  • Opportunities for increased promotion of regular physical activity and healthy diet and reduction of smoking, alcohol consumption and sun exposure to reduce cancer risk and improve outcomes in alignment with the Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2019-2023.
  • Support for implementing the Optimal Care Pathways with a continued focus on monitoring compliance with the pathways.
  • Opportunities to improve participation in cancer screening programs and early detection by developing workforce capability and system capacity.
  • Recognising the critical role of allied health across the cancer care continuum and identified issues of access to allied health and supportive care services.
  • Opportunities to improve health literacy to support symptom recognition and diagnosis and to improve education of advance care plans, palliative care and end-of-life care skills.
  • A call for improved care coordination across the care pathway as a key strategy to improve patient wellbeing and experience.
  • Recognition of the importance of health services research and implementation science in improving the quality, accessibility and value of cancer care and promoting the systematic uptake of research findings.
  • Support for improving access to clinical trials and advanced therapies for all patients, with particular emphasis on improving access for priority populations and cancers.

All feedback is being carefully considered in developing the next Victorian cancer plan.

We look forward to releasing the final plan in mid-2020.

The Victorian cancer plan 2016-2020

The Victorian cancer plan 2016-2020 set ambitious goals, and provided a framework to improve cancer outcomes for all Victorians.

The plan has a medium-term goal to save 10,000 lives by 2025. Through preventing cancers, detecting cancers earlier, improving treatment and reducing unwarranted variations we can avert 10,000 cancer related deaths in the next 10 years.

We have set long-term goals, and by 2040 we aim to:

  • halve the proportion of Victorians diagnosed with preventable cancers
  • double the improvement in one- and five-year survival of Victorians with cancer
  • ensure Victorians have the best possible experience of the cancer treatment and care system
  • achieve equitable outcomes for all Victorians.

The plan identifies priorities for actions that build on our achievements and respond to key challenges across five priority action areas:

  • primary prevention
  • screening and early detection
  • treatment
  • wellbeing and support
  • research.

We value ongoing engagement and feedback, and you can register your details to be kept informed about progress on the cancer plan.

Contact via email, or phone 9096 2136.

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