Prevention strategies for alcohol and other drugs are aimed at preventing their use in the case of illegal drugs, or harmful use in the case of alcohol and pharmaceutical medications. Harm reduction strategies are a useful complementary approach to reduce injury or death from drug use in the hope that the individual will seek treatment and other support at some stage.

Alcohol and other drug prevention refers to various mechanisms used to prevent harm associated with alcohol and other drug use in the community.

Examples of prevention mechanisms include:

  • informing people about the effects and the harms associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs
  • changing laws and regulations that govern sales of alcohol and tobacco
  • providing positive role modelling of alcohol and other drug use
  • helping people to reduce stress in their lives
  • developing safe environments that reduce the risk of harmful use.

Harm reduction approaches aim to reduce the negative consequences associated with alcohol and other drug use and reduce other related risk factors.

Examples of harm reduction mechanisms include:

  • needle and syringe programs
  • drug treatment programs
  • opioid substitute programs.

Harm Reduction Victoria

The Victorian Government funds Harm Reduction Victoria for a range of harm reduction initiatives.


DanceWize aims to reduce drug and alcohol-related harm at Victorian dance parties, festivals and nightclubs through peer education. The project involves the attendance of Key Peer Educators, who host a chill-out space, discuss safer drug use and distribute health resources.

For more information, visit the Harm Reduction Victoria website.

Drug Overdose Prevention and Education

The Drug Overdose Prevention and Education (DOPE) program delivers peer-based training through structured workshops on overdose prevention and response and other drug education.

For more information on DOPE, visit the Harm Reduction Victoria website.

Australian Drug Foundation

The Victorian Government funds the Australian Drug Foundation, the leading alcohol and other drug prevention service provider in Australia for a range of prevention activities.


This is a service available to Victorians, providing accessible information about alcohol and other drugs with an emphasis on harm reduction and primary prevention.

DrugInfo provides a specialist library service; a telephone and email information service and an email alert service for people who require responsive information in preventing alcohol and drug related harm.

The Australian Drug Foundation also contributes to peer-reviewed published research on prevention, public health and alcohol and other drugs and deliver seminars and workshop relating to alcohol and drug use to a wide range of audiences.

Good Sports

The Victorian Government provides funding for this national program that involves partnering with and supporting local sporting clubs to change attitudes toward drinking, tobacco and drug use, and improve mental health and nutrition among sporting participants and the wider community.

For more information, visit the DrugInfo or Good Sports website or call 1300 858 584.