Key messages

  • Placeright is a secure, web-based information system that helps Victorian student placement providers plan and administer clinical placements with partnered education providers.
  • Placeright provides historical records of activity to support organisational planning and executive reporting.
  • Placeright promotes effective and efficient partnerships between health services and their education provider partners.
  • Placeright is available to all Victorian clinical placement providers (public, not-for-profit and private sectors) free of charge.
  • Placeright is subject to continuous improvements and development based on feedback from users.

Placeright (formerly viCPlace) aligns with the natural workflow of student placement planning, coordination and delivery through a user-friendly interface.

Using Placeright can assist health services to ensure optimal learning environments for students, meet OH&S obligations and inform future staff recruitment.

Placeright is available at

VICPlace: Placement planning process

Ongoing development of Placeright

Placeright is updated periodically to include usability enhancements that increase workflow efficiencies and improve the user experience.

Updates to Placeright incorporate feedback from various sources including the evaluation process for placement planning, the helpdesk and information support officers.

Placeright student privacy and security

Placeright stores student information required for clinical placements within health services. Each student’s personal information is only accessible to those organising the placement (education providers and student placement providers). Placeright allows student information to be stored securely and shared exclusively between these parties.

Download the Placeright student privacy and security factsheet from the Downloads section.

Efficiency Study

The Placeright (formerly viCPlace) Efficiency Study is an independent analysis of Placeright's benefits to Victorian stakeholders.

Overall, the study found that Placeright offers significant benefits to the department, health services and education providers.

For the department, Placeright increases the availability and accuracy of clinical placement activity data, resulting in an improved evidence base for strategy and policy development, more efficient and accurate allocation of the Training and Development Grant, and more efficient data and planning processes. Overall, the study has established that Placeright became cost-neutral between 2010 and 2015 and annual ongoing benefits of approximately $2.2m can be reinvested into programs to support the growth of the future workforce.

For health services, Placeright has increased the availability and accuracy of information (particularly noted for senior management), simplified reporting processes, made clear the clinical placement contribution of smaller disciplines within organisations, and strengthened and streamlined communication with education provider partners.

Please find the full report in the Downloads section below. 

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