Inter-professional Graduate (Pilot) Program (Nursing and Paramedicine)

On 16 October 2014, the Victorian Government committed to work with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and the Ambulance Employees Association to deliver a specialist graduate program for double degree students in nursing and paramedicine. This is now known as the Inter-professional Nurse Paramedic Graduate (Pilot) Program.

The IPG program enables graduates with dual qualifications to practice across both nursing and paramedicine disciplines.

The IPG program is being trialled in the Grampians Region (Ballarat Health Services and Ambulance Victoria). A local Ballarat-based Working Group with representatives from the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, the Ambulance Employees Association, Ambulance Victoria, Ballarat Health Services and Australian Catholic University is currently working to articulate and guide operational aspects of the dual degree graduate program model.

The current IPG program commenced with a trial of two graduates in February 2017, and has increased to six graduates who commenced on 12 February 2018. Further information regarding the Program can be obtained by emailing

Collaborative Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Program

The Collaborative Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Program provides an opportunity for health services to work together to create a formalised education program for nurses and midwives entering their first year of employment. The Program is designed to consolidate knowledge, skills and competence, and transition graduates to practice as safe, confident and accountable professionals, while exposing them to a range of settings. 

Further information regarding the Program can be obtained by emailing

Review of Nursing and Midwifery Graduate Transition to Practice Programs in Victoria

In 2015, Aspex Consulting Pty Ltd conducted an independent review of nursing and midwifery graduate transition to practice programs in Victoria on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of the review was to:

  • Assess current levels of graduate activity, including an assessment of the utilisation of graduate nurses and midwives within health services, retention of graduate nurses and midwives, and barriers to more graduate nurses and midwives being employed within a health service
  • Assess the costs and resources associated with providing a transition to practice program at health services
  • Identify new opportunities available for graduate nurses and midwives that are not currently being utilised within the Victorian public or private health sector and primary/community settings
  • Recommend actionable strategies to improve current Victorian graduate nursing and midwifery transition to practice programs.

Final reports are available from the downloads section below, including the Report of Graduate Program Experiences. The Report of Graduate Program Experiences was prepared as a supplementary document to the Review’s final report. This report provides further insight and information regarding graduates’ personal experiences during their graduate programs.

The department is working closely with stakeholders across Victoria to implement 12 recommendations in the Review's final report and additional recommendations in the supplementary report. These recommendations are intended to improve and expand graduate transition to practice programs. Further information on the review can be obtained by emailing

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