The Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED) provides a comprehensive dataset of the causes, effects and nature of illness, and the use of health services in Victoria. The VAED supports health service planning, policy formulation, epidemiological research and public hospital funding under the casemix system.

All Victorian public and private hospitals, including rehabilitation centres, extended care facilities and day procedure centres, report a minimum set of data for each admitted patient episode.

The VAED manual specifies data items, reporting guidelines, file format and validations for reporting to the VAED.

VAED manual

The VAED manual contains comprehensive information for hospitals on:

  • data definitions for the data elements reported to the Victorian Admitted Dataset
  • reporting requirements.

VAED manual 2021-22 (all sections)

VAED manual 2020-21 (all sections)

VAED criteria for reporting

VAED criteria for reporting 2021-22
VAED criteria for reporting procedure codes lists 2021-22

VAED criteria for reporting 2020-21
VAED criteria for reporting procedure codes lists 2020-21

Reference files

See Reference files for lists of valid codes relevant to the VAED. 

VAED testing notification form

VAED testing notification form

Late data forms

Public hospital late data exemption request
Private hospital late data advice

Annual changes

Current financial year changes and proposals for changes to take affect from 1 July for the following financial year can be found at Annual changes.


To view previous VAED manuals, visit VAED archive. For all older documents and manuals from 2009-10 to 2014-15, visit this VAED archive.