The Victorian Emergency Minimum Dataset (VEMD) comprises de-identified demographic, administrative and clinical data detailing presentations at Victorian public hospitals with designated emergency departments. The VEMD provides information for:

  • epidemiological purposes
  • health service planning and coordination
  • policy assessment and formulation
  • clinical research
  • quality improvement and patient management.

VEMD manual

VEMD manual 2020-21 (all sections)

VEMD manual 2019-20 (all sections)

Reference files

See Reference files for lists of valid codes relevant to the VEMD. 

Submission templates

VEMD manual aggregate data template 2020-21
VEMD manual aggregate data template 2019-20
VEMD late data exemption request
VEMD data resubmission request

VEMD editor

VEMD Editor Edition 25 v3.0.0 2020-21
VEMD Editor Edition 25 v1.0.0 2020-21
VEMD Editor Process Notes 2020-21

Annual changes

Current financial year changes and proposals for changes to take affect from 1 July for the following financial year can be found at annual changes.


To view previous VEMD manuals, visit Previous VEMD manuals. For all older documents and manuals, see VEMD archive.