The Blood Matters Program is a Victorian Government program run in collaboration with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service that aims to support and enhance best practice in patient blood management (PBM), and the stewardship of blood and blood products, for improved patient outcomes in Victorian health services.

ISBT International Congress, Dubai, 2016

Linley Bielby, Blood Matters Program Manager was invited to speak at  the congress which was held in September. She presented:

  • 'Riding the ferrous wheel: quality preoperative anaemia assessment and management' on behalf of Blood Matters and
  • 'Different strategies used to implement preoperative anaemia assessment in Australia' on behalf of Maria Burgess, Linda Campbell, Faye Nasra and Chris Hogan.

Blood Matters exhibited two posters: 

  • 'To D or not to D: RhD immunoglobulin incident reporting', and
  • 'Reducing the festive excess: strategies to reduce red cell waste in Victoria, Australia'

Blood Matters would like to thank all those who contributed data either to STIR, or through the 2015 Blood Matters Audit.