Blood Matters Program transfusion audit 2015

Current Blood Matters transfusion audit (2015)

The 2015 audit aims to provide information to improve practice related to the assessment and management of reversible anaemia prior to surgery, and improve outcomes for patients undergoing elective surgical procedures.

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Red cell units

Stop the Waste festive season campaign

Over the last three years, Victoria's red blood cell wastage has spiked in January and February. Now is the time to put plans in place to stop the January/February spike in waste!

To assist health services to Stop the Waste over the festive season, Blood Matters has compiled a checklist that will help identify planned variations in practice over this period. If you need further information, contact Blood Matters

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The Blood Matters Program is a Victorian State Government program run in collaboration with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service that aims to improve the quality and safety of hospital transfusion care for patients.

It focuses on: 

  • quality improvement practices for health services via audits, reporting systems and research
  • implementing and supporting transfusion nurse/trainer roles in Victorian health service
  • engaging with the health sector through the Blood Matters Advisory Committee. 

Blood Matters workshops

Blood Matters also holds workshops for health services. 

The workshops follow the blood journey from donation to safe transfusion practice. 

If you are interested in holding a workshop at your health service please contact the Blood Matters Program.


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