The department is supporting a number of different initiatives to develop and expand the lived experience workforce, including:

Lived experience positions in Victorian public mental health services

A report that details numbers, locations and other information related to lived experience positions within Victorian mental health services has been developed by the department. Lived experience positions in public mental health services captures information provided by mental health services as at October 2017. Data collection will be undertaken again in 2019 to contribute to an updated report that will identify and monitor any shifts in lived experience workforce positions. 

Consumer and family/carer workforce strategies

The department has partnered with  consumer workers, as well as family/carer workers through the Consumer and Family Carer Workforce Development groups to co-design strategies to meet consumer and family/carer workforce needs. These will be brought together in a lived experience workforce strategy for Victoria. This strategy will be launched in February 2019 in partnership with peak bodies, the Centre for Mental Health learning and the department. 

Consumer and family/carer workforce development expertise

There are two statewide positions that offer support and leadership to further establish and strengthen the Victorian paid consumer and carer mental health workforce. They collaborate with mental health consumer and carer workers as well as other key stakeholders to:

  • Identify the support and development needs of the consumer and carer workforce and their organisations.
  • Develop a calendar of training and activities to address identified workforce development needs.
  • Develop resources to support the consumer and carer workforce and their organisations.
  • Support the establishment and coordination of communities of practice. 

They can:

  • Provide advice with regard to establishing and supporting a lived experience workforce
  • Connect you or your organisation to resources and networks
  • Inform you about upcoming training and events
  • Work with you to develop and tailor lived experience workforce related training

You can access consumer and family/carer workforce expertise through the Centre for Mental Health Learning. Contact Lorna Downes via email or telephone (03) 8387 2034

Consumer-perspective supervision

This project aims to create access to quality, discipline specific supervision for consumer workers is being led by the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council  VMIAC, in partnership with the Centre for Psychiatric Nursing and the department. Using the principles of co-production, this consumer-led initiative is bringing together supervisees, supervisors, health services and thought leaders in the area of consumer perspective work to create a framework and structures to support consumer-perspective supervision. 

For further information in relation to this project email