Key messages

  • Victorian mental health services are grouped into professional development clusters to provide ongoing development, education and training.
  • There are many important providers of statewide training.
  • Mental health professional online development (MHPOD) is an important online resource for professional development.

Professional development for the Victorian public mental health workforce includes learning and development clusters, education and training from a number of providers, as well as an online professional development resource.

Learning and development clusters

The Victorian mental health learning and development clusters aim to provide staff, carers and consumers within Victoria's mental health sector with ongoing professional development, education and training.

  • Western Mental Health Learning and Development Cluster
  • North-East Victoria Innovative Learning (NEVIL) Cluster
  • Latrobe Regional Health, Alfred & Monash Health Peninsula Synergy (LAMPS) Cluster

They provide a schedule of all training and professional development activities, which can be accessed on their websites.

Statewide education and training providers

There are a number of providers that deliver a range of education and training opportunities to the specialist mental health workforce and others who have a role in responding to mental health issues.

These include:

Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD)

Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD) is a professional development resource for Victoria's public mental health service workforce.

Funded by all jurisdictions, the MHPOD Learning Portal provides free access to evidence-based online learning resources written and produced in Australia. The topics range from recovery to legislation and dual disability.

MHPOD content is derived from the National practice standards for the mental health workforce.

Target audience

MHPOD Learning Portal’s was first established with a particular focus on nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists working in mental health in Australia.

Other workers, including general practitioners, psychiatric service officers, people working in community-based mental health services, consumer advocates, carer advocates, Aboriginal health workers, and other allied health workers, will also find it useful.


MHPOD aims to:

  • improve health workers' knowledge and awareness about recognising and treating mental disorders
  • support workforce development using a web-based education model that reflects the national practice standards for the mental health workforce
  • demonstrate a cross-jurisdictional approach
  • provide examples of innovative teaching and learning methods
  • improve access to evidence-based educational programs, including those working in rural and remote areas.

Accessing MHPOD

Access to the MHPOD Learning Portal is free through a self-registration process via the MHPOD Learning Portal login page.

More information

For more information please refer to the National MHPOD.  

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