Key messages

  • The Department of Health & Human Services developed the CHIP guidelines to guide organisations funded under the Community Health Program.
  • The guidelines support planning, program design and service delivery, and clarify expectations for integrated service provision.
  • Complementary guidelines on child health services and refugee and asylum seeker health services help services to meet the needs of these groups.

Community Health Program

The Community Health Program (CHP) delivers allied health, nursing and counselling services to the Victorian community. The delivery of these supports and services is flexible and responsive to the needs of people and local communities. In this way, the CHP focuses on person-centred and well coordinated care.

Program guidelines

Providing appropriate healthcare for people in the community is a priority in Victoria. The Community Health Program (CHP) is an important part of providing this community-based care.

The Department of Health & Human Services has developed guidelines for the program, referred to as the Community Health Integrated Program (CHIP) guidelines. These guidelines describe what is expected of organisations funded to deliver the CHP. The aim is to improve consistency across the state in planning, program design and service delivery as well as to clarify expectations for coordinated service provision. The guidelines are evidence based, and translate that evidence into practical components that underpin program delivery. This will ensure the CHP is well positioned to respond to the current and future challenges.

Guidelines for child health guidelines, refugees and asylum seekers and the care of people with chronic disease

Stand-alone guidelines for children and refugee and asylum seeker populations are available. These complementary guidelines provide guidance on meeting the specific needs of these particular groups.

Guidelines for chronic disease care and case studies to support these have recently been re-developed are also available to download.