From July 2019, the Victorian government will offer first-time parents and carers a bundle of nursery essentials containing key parenting information and resources to support the health, development and wellbeing of their babies.

The project is part of the Victorian government's $213.7 million parenting package to support first-time parents and carers. It is one of the many ways the Victorian Government is supporting parents during the transition to parenthood and the first years of their child's life.

How are hospitals and MCH services involved?

Hospitals and MCH (Maternal and Child Health) services play a vital role to present the baby bundle to eligible families.

Baby bundles will be provided in hospitals at the time of birth. First-time parents who give birth interstate or overseas, but who live in Victoria, may ask their Maternal and Child Health nurse to provide them with one.

Who can receive the baby bundle?

All first-time Victorian families are eligible for a baby bundle, provided their first baby is born during or after July 2019. First-time foster and adoptive parents/carers with babies up to three months of age are also eligible to receive a baby bundle.

A baby bundle is available for each baby: families with twins will be eligible for 2 baby bundles; triplets for 3 and so on.

Families are not eligible for a Victorian Government baby bundle if:

  • neither parent/carer lives in Victoria
  • the child was born prior to July 2019.

What's in the baby bundle?

The contents will include:

  • four picture books by Victorian authors
  • a nappy bag to hold the products
  • a growsuit
  • a safe sleeping bag
  • cotton wrap
  • a teething toy
  • a first-aid kit
  • a baby sun hat
  • emergency contacts and information on safe sleeping and wrapping
  • parenting information from the Raising Children Network.

How to order

Hospitals should maintain a monthly supply of baby bundles, which are to be provided to families during their stay. An online ordering portal is available - just log in to view or adjust your monthly order.

MCH services will provide baby bundles for eligible families that have not received their baby bundle from the hospital - such as home births, interstate and overseas births, or adoptive/foster carers.

MCH services should request individual baby bundles as required - these locations should not maintain a 'stock' of bundles. To request a baby bundle, email the request to Please specify the quantity of bundles required, contact name and phone number, and delivery address.

Support contacts

Hospitals: To place an order online, visit the online ordering portal. For enquiries about the ordering process, email

MCH Services: Order individual baby bundles via email to Please include your name and MCH service delivery address.

For other enquiries, please email to - please include your name and contact details so we can respond promptly.