The following forms are available to complete and submit online:

Pre-fill prescriber details for treatment permit forms

Treatment permit applicants are now able to save their prescriber details after completing the form by ticking the “Remember Me” checkbox. It will save time completing the form in future. The “Remember Me” function is browser and computer specific. This means if you use a different computer, the previous prefill prescriber details will not be available. Further, if you use Google Chrome initially to complete the form then use Internet Explorer next time, the prefill prescriber details will not be available. 

You are advised to try and use the same computer and same web browser if possible when completing the forms online.

This functionality does not work on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Confirmation email

When you have successfully submitted a completed application or notification, you will be able to receive a confirmation email to advise you that your form has been received by the department.

Copy of the completed form

You can download a PDF copy of your completed form after you have submitted the form at the Submission Complete page. You may also choose to obtain a PDF copy of your completed form via the confirmation email.

Contact details