Key messages

  • The department has developed a heat health alert system that notifies organisations about potentially dangerous extreme heat or heatwave conditions. 
  • The department monitors the Bureau of Meteorology’s 7-day forecast to determine when a heat health alert should be issued.
  • Heat health temperature thresholds have been identified for Victoria’s nine weather forecast districts.

Heat health alert system

The department has developed a heat health alert system to notify the following organisations and groups about extreme heat or heatwaves that are likely to negatively affect human health:

  • local governments
  • departmental program areas
  • emergency services
  • health and aged care sectors
  • statewide or major metropolitan service providers
  • peak or advocacy groups
  • general public.

The department monitors the Bureau of Meteorology’s 7-day forecast maximum and minimum temperatures. When the heat health temperature threshold is reached in a specific weather forecast district, a heat health alert is issued.

Heat health alerts are issued by the Chief Health Officer. 

View the current heat health alert status table for a real time feed indicating when temperatures are near threshold and when an alert has been issued. 

Heat health temperature thresholds – Victoria

The department has identified heat health temperature thresholds for Victoria, above which heat-related illness and death increases substantially. The threshold is calculated by taking the average of the forecast daily maximum temperature and the forecast overnight temperature (which is the daily minimum for the following day).

A heat health temperature threshold has been established for each of the nine weather forecast districts (threshold temperature is in brackets):

  • Mallee (34 °C)
  • Wimmera (32 °C)
  • South West (30 °C)
  • Northern Country (32 °C)
  • North Central (30 °C)
  • Central (30 °C)
  • North East (32 °C)
  • West and South Gippsland (30 °C)
  • East Gippsland (30 °C).

The Heat health alert system: Information and guidance for councils and stakeholders provides further information on how the temperature threshold is calculated and how alerts are issued. It is available in the download section below.