Seasonal flu vaccine supply 2018

Australia and Victoria are experiencing an unprecedented demand for influenza vaccines this year across the public and private market. The department will now need to ration the distribution of influenza vaccine, so that incoming stock can be carefully matched against need..

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Vaccination is offered to eligible adults in Victoria under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) and Victorian funded programs. Eligible adults can receive vaccines such as whooping cough, influenza, pneumococcal, shingles and hepatitis B.

All immunisation providers should report administration of all vaccines to the Australian Immunisation Register.

For more information:

  • View the immunisation schedule and criteria for eligibility for free vaccine
  • Immunisation providers can view vaccine order forms information
  • What immunisations an adult needs depends on their Health, Age, Lifestyle and Occupation (HALO). Adults can take the immunisation quiz to guide vaccine recommendations 
  • View Historical Immunisation Schedules dating back to 1975
  • Visit the Better Health Channel for consumer information about immunisation
  • View the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance  Adult vaccination fact sheet 

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