People aged 1 year or over must have an International certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis if they have stayed overnight or longer in a declared yellow fever–infected country within 6 days before arriving in (or returning to) Australia.

Healthcare professionals provide this certificate at the time a person is vaccinated against yellow fever. The certificate is valid for the duration of the life of the person and begins 10 days after vaccination.

Yellow fever vaccine must be given by an accredited yellow fever vaccination centre. Centres can charge a range of fees for a consultation and the yellow fever vaccine.

Yellow fever accreditation applications on hold

Pending a review of the National guidelines for Yellow Fever vaccination centres and providers, no further health services will be accredited until further notice.

The development of an online yellow fever learning module will be an accreditation requirement in the new national guidelines. The publication of the new guidelines will be communicated to all yellow fever vaccination centres.

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