Infectious diseases and other conditions of concern still occur frequently throughout the world. Constant vigilance is required to prevent the reappearance of diseases and conditions thought to have been conquered.

Changes in lifestyle have also led to the emergence of new threats to public health from infection. Health authorities depend on both medical practitioners and laboratories for information on the incidence of these conditions. In Victoria, the department conducts daily surveillance on infectious diseases to pinpoint outbreaks and to prevent the spread of infection.

The department provides guidelines and advice to health professionals about infectious diseases, including:

  • Guidelines for management and control of infectious diseases.
  • Requirements and procedures for notifying infectious diseases and other conditions.
  • Surveillance reports reports and data for Victoria and various local areas (updated daily).

A mosquito sitting on human skin.Zika virus

For more information about Zika virus, please visit the Better Health Channel.

Anaphylaxis reporting by hospitals

Anaphylaxis presentations must be notified to the department. For more information visit the anaphylaxis notifications page.

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