Key messages

  • The Victorian Population Health Survey of people with an intellectual disability highlights specific health issues and gaps in providing healthcare.
  • The aim of the survey was to compare the health and wellbeing of Victorians with an intellectual disability to the general Victorian population.
This survey is the second population study of the health and well-being of people with an intellectual disability in Victoria. The first survey was conducted in 2009. Throughout the report, the health status of adults with an intellectual disability is compared with the general Victorian adult population. The findings in the report include: fruit and vegetable intake; intake of water, milk and sugar-sweetened soft drinks; alcohol consumption; smoking status; physical activity; eye health; hearing impairment; and health checks. Other health findings are: self-reported health status; selected health conditions; oral health; medicine use; body weight status; prevalence of asthma and diabetes; mental health; and social capital.

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