The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with Queensland Health have finalised the Water quality guidelines for public aquatic facilities - managing public health risks. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist organisations and aquatic facilities to reduce risks to public health. These guidelines also provide advice to local and state government environmental health officers to help fulfil their regulatory and advisory roles.

These guidelines will replace Victoria’s Pool operators’ handbook 2008 and in Queensland it will replace the Queensland Health Swimming and spa pool water quality and operational guidelines 2004.

These guidelines provide information on the following areas:

  1. Introduction
  2. Public health hazards associated with public aquatic facilities
  3. Victorian regulatory framework
  4. Treatment processes
  5. Bather numbers, water circulation and turnover times
  6. Managing water balance
  7. Monitoring
  8. Healthy swimming
  9. Incident response
  10. Operator training

Operational guidance is provide in the Appendices

  1. Interactive water features (splash pads, spray parks, water play areas)
  2. Water quality criteria and monitoring frequencies
  3. Troubleshooting guide
  4. Recommended turnover times
  5. Langelier Saturation Index
  6. Incident response
  7. Example monitoring log
  8. Environmental health officer inspection checklist