Who we are

The Forensic Leave Panel (the Panel) is an independent statutory tribunal established under the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried) Act 1997 (the Act) to support the rehabilitation of forensic patients and residents and assist with their reintegration into the community.

Forensic residents and patients are people who have been placed on custodial supervision orders by the courts, having been found unfit to stand trial or not guilty of an offence because of mental impairment under the Act.

The Panel comprises members of the judiciary, the Chief Psychiatrist and nominees, psychiatrists, psychologists and members from the community.

What we do

The main role of the Panel is to hear applications for on-ground and limited off-ground leave from patients and residents to enable them to participate in a range of activities in the community to aid their rehabilitation.

How we do it

The Panel conducts hearings at the Thomas Embling Hospital campus of Forensicare and at the Disability Forensic Assessment and Treatment Service at Fairfield.

In determining whether to grant an application for leave, the Panel must consider a range of factors, including the person’s current mental condition, their clinical history and social circumstances, the relationship between the impairment, condition or disability and the offending conduct, and a risk assessment. Leave is only granted if it will contribute to the person’s rehabilitation and the safety of the person or members of the public will not be seriously endangered as a result of the person being allowed leave.

Upcoming vacancies

Recruitment of community and psychologist members will commence in April 2019. Further information will be provided shortly.