Key messages

  • In 2018 the Minister for Finance issued Directions for Public Construction Procurement in Victoria in excess of $50,000.  
  • The Directions are to support efficient, economical, and effective delivery of Public Construction Procurement in Victoria. 
  • Class B cemetery trusts are required to establish processes in accordance with the procurement principles outlined in the Directions. 

To assist Class B cemetery trusts in meeting these requirements the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) has developed a range of polices and documents.

Details of what constitutes a public construction can be found in the Class B cemetery trust guidelines for public construction procurement in Victoria or from the public constructions policy and resources page of the Department of Treasury and Finance website.

If a tender is required (applicable only to contracted work in excess of $150,000), please email the Cemetery Sector Governance Support Program for copies of the relevant documents or phone 1800 034 280.