Key messages

  • The Department of Health and Human Services has published its policy and funding guidelines for 2019.
  • There are two distinct parts to the guidelines for 2019-20: The policy guide and the Appendices – Funding rules

Download the policy and funding guidelines

The policy and funding guidelines are available on the DHHS corporate website.

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The Department of Health and Human Services (the department) is responsible for and publishes the Policy and funding guidelines for funded agencies annually. The Policy and Funding Guidelines (the guidelines) contains the relevant business-critical conditions of funding, pricing arrangements, funding amounts, and activity levels for relevant funded agencies. 

Policy and funding guidelines 2019-20

The guidelines represent the system-wide terms and conditions (for funding, administrative and clinical policy) of funding for government-funded healthcare organisations.

The guidelines reflect the government and department’s role as a system manager and underpin the contracts at an organisational level (Statements of priorities (SOPs) and service agreements). They set out the requirements that funded organisations must comply with as part of their contractual and statutory obligations, outline activity that is required to receive funding, and detail expectations of administrative and clinical conduct.

The guidelines are relevant for all funded organisations, which includes health services, community service organisations and other funded organisations such as Ambulance Victoria.

The guidelines for 2019-20 contain the following:

  1. Policy guide and
  2. Appendices – Funding rules. 

Policy and funding guidelines 2019-20 (Word)

Policy guide

The policy guide articulates the funding policy priorities, and performance and financial frameworks, including their conditions, within which Victorian government-funded organisations operate.

Chapter 1: Funding arrangements for Victoria's health system
Details funding arrangements for funded organisations and all other outputs provided by the department.

Chapter 2: Conditions of funding
Outlines relevant standards and policies that funded organisations must adhere to in order to receive funding from the Victorian Government, ensuring the delivery of safe, high-quality services and responsible financial management.

Policy and funding guidelines 2019-20: Policy guide (Word)

Appendices – Funding rules

The funding rules specify the financial parameters, specifically the detailed pricing and prescribed budgetary targets, that funded organisations are expected to work to, and within, in order to achieve the outcomes expected by the Victorian Government.

Appendix 1: Pricing arrangements for Victoria’s health system
Details pricing arrangements for funded organisations and all other outputs provided by the department.

Appendix 2: Funding and activity levels
Provides funding and activity tables detailing the modelled budgets for 2019–20, as well as the 2019–20 targets for a range of programs across the health system. 

Policy and funding guidelines 2019-20: Appendices – Funding rules (Word)