Key messages

  • Clinical supervision is an important element of clinical governance and professional support for allied health professionals and assistants.
  • The framework provides guidance and information for the development of processes and protocols which support and enhance allied health clinical supervision.
  • The framework helps to enhance and maintain the quality and safety of patient care and allied health worker wellbeing.

Introduction to the framework

This framework builds on the strength of existing allied health clinical supervision practices to present a consistent statewide approach with the aim of maintaining highly skilled and sustainable health and community services workforce; and to ensure clinical supervision is better understood, accepted and practiced.

The framework complements existing resources, such as the National clinical supervision competency resource, the Clinical supervision skills review tool and other guides to ensure a shared vision and understanding of the purpose of clinical supervision, to support high quality and safe patient care and allied health worker well being.

Supporting tools and resources

Supporting tools and resources have been developed to assist with the framework’s implementation. An organisational self-assessment and performance indicator tool assists organisations to review their performance against the framework and to identify areas for further development where required.

To access the other supervision resources via Knowledge Bank, Victoria’s health and human services workforce information portal, please visit

Coming soon

Clinical supervision templates will be provided to assist supervisees, clinical supervisors and health and community organisations with the practical implementation of the framework. A short video will be developed to assist in explaining the framework and the benefits of its implementation in Victorian health and community services.